We offer a series of grid-tie PV inverters from single phase up to 3-phase. These are 1KW-5KW single phase string inverters, 10KW-50KW three phase string inverters and 50KW-1260KW three phase centralized


All the home appliances and electrical devices are designed to operate for the sine wave. So there is a need to design a inverter that gives output very close or similar to the sine wave. Our inverters also reduce the noise interferences associated with other inverters. With the pure sine wave inverter our products fully assures that sensitive loads will be powered correctly with no noise interference. Depending upon the

switching frequency inverter can be classified as

Low Frequency Inverters

High Frequency Inverters

Switching frequency related to the rate at which the DC is converted to the AC. Low frequency inverter oscillates a DC voltage at 50Hz. The voltage of that inverter is then step up to desire level using a large and

heavy transformer.

High frequency inverter on the other hand use small size transformer. Such high frequency inverter may have large harmonic content near the range of the switching frequency. But the advantage is that these

harmonics are high in order than the seven fundamental frequency 50HZ. So in order to separate these harmonics a low pass filter is use. High frequency inverter use ferrite core transformer.