The energy efficient and cost effective UPS range, single and three phase uninterruptible power supplies. You will find all products and services necessary for UPS power supply system. These include line Interactive UPS & Online UPS. We are an UPS, AC Stabilizer, DC Module supplier in Pakistan. We provide an extensive line of products, including a line interactive UPS (uninterrupted powersupply), AC stabilizer (AVR), LED UPS and online UPS.

Pure Sine Wave Series:

• Reliable Protection For PCs & Network Devices

• Excellent Substitute of ExpensiveOn-Line UPS

• Micro-controller Based Smart UPS

• Pure Sine wave output

• Suitable for Any type Load (Inductive, Compressive, etc)

• Extensive LED and LCD Display for real time UPS status

• Built-in 3 step AVR or conditioned input voltage

• Cold start capability

• High Efficiency Design to Save More Energy

• Intelligent Battery Management

• Short circuit and overload protection

• Intelligent UPS Management Software

• (RS-232)

• Standard& Extended backup available