Dry cell batteries are in great demand due to the ongoing energy crises in country. Dry cell battery in Pakistan have seen an increase in sales and we at STSP continue to provide quality dry batteriesin Pakistan.

STSP is a professional international trading, service and high-tech company, mainly engaged in new energy products.The major products of the company include UPS batteries, and solar power energy storage batteries with the hightech of valve regulated lead acid gel type. Solar off-grid power generation systems and solar road lamps, etc.


We provide our customers with quality dry cell batteries that not only are long lasting but provide longer backup time. Dry cell batteries are without any liquid making its safe for handling and requires no maintenance at all.

1.Large capacity, high specific power
With imported high purity raw materials and the national patent
technology, excellent large current discharge performance and
large capacity.
2. High capacity at low temperature
The product is of strong acceptability under low temperature to
avoid the mileage during winter.
3.Fast charge and higher acceptance ability Scientific
structure design accords to the QC/T742-2006, fast charging,
charging capacity 100% an hour.
4. Maintenance free, quick charging
Valve controlled sealed structure; little water loss, without water
replenishingmaintenance, using multi intelligent charging
method, normally 5-6 hoursto achieve a full charge.
5.Good recovery capability of over discharging
recovery capability
With the rare earth to effectively improve the connection of the
conductive grid and active material. 100% recover of the battery
capacity for occasionally over discharge.
6.Large current discharge, excellent performance Silver
plated wire core structure is used for pole terminal, firm and
reliable connection, safety, convenience, more conducive to
large current display.
7. Better uniformity
New patented formula,special new process, to guarantee the
uniformity of multi-cell used in series.
8. Environmental protection
Reliable fullsealed structure design, with the unique gelled
electrolyte, no leakage and acid fog, safe and reliable placement
of any direction, the national green new energy project.